Leverty Financial Group

Providing clarity to families through comprehensive financial planning.


We follow a client-centered approach that is built on always acting in your best interest.


We pride ourselves on continual learning with the goal of offering you the best advice available.


We provide you with a thorough, trustful experience that leads to long-term, valued relationships.

About Us

With our personalized wealth management process, we help streamline your financial decision-making to bring clarity, purpose and confidence to your planning.

The Leverty team in their office: Luke Keene, Holly Pizzi, Josh Hawkins, Michael Leverty, Michael Nelson, Chantel Mitchell, and Conner Smith.

Our Team

Our tight-knit team has a wealth of experience and complementary skills intended to help you identify the best path to achieving your financial and investment goals.

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We invite you to contact us to learn how the Leverty Financial Group can help you answer your questions today and prepare for your goals of tomorrow.

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