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Retirees Spend a Lot of Time and Money to Buy Their ‘Forever Home.’ Then They Sell It.

Michael Leverty provided great insight and perspective in The Wall Street Journal's recent article regarding pre-retirees and retirees spending a lot of time, money and effort finding their 'Forever Home'. Then they sell it. See his thoughts below and feel free to connect with our team as you prepare for your next phase in life. “It’s OK to take a couple of years to explore other areas and don’t jump in immediately,” says Mike Leverty. He advises his clients to rent in the area where they think they want to live, even if it is only part time. “You really have to view it as a second home and not a vacation,” he says. “Factor in amenities like shopping and healthcare—things you wouldn’t think about if you just vacationed there for a couple of weeks.”